Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This was NEWS?

OK, so I am a day late...sorry folks, I have a job, a kid, a husband, and a brand new HTC Thunderbolt...sorry. So, the big story yesterday was that Jeff Carter and Mike Richards got traded because they were booze hounds. Hmm, apparently, it was a really slow news day, if journalists everywhere had to write about Richie and High and Wide drinking. Seriously? This was NEWS? That Carter and Richards wouldn't live on "Dry Island"??? OK, the minute Lavy was hired, even a puck bunny like myself knew that there were going to be problems...John Stevens was their buddy, and I doubt he spent many nights on dry island himself., so there were bound to be changes. It was obvious last year that there were, hmm, creative differences between Richards and Lavy. Jeff Carter did his usual Houdini act come playoff time...perhaps he was in to much of a hurry to head to Sea Isle...I don't know, and I don't care. Richards was a ghost in the final couple games, and the season ended poorly, with the Flyers AGAIN losing to the eventual Stanly Cup Champions.
Yes, that is Kenny Chesney, and that freak of nature Chara. Pay attention kids, that is the only picture of the Boston Bruins you will ever see on my blog, because Kenny is in it. Oh Kenny, how can you be so smoking hot and have such BAD taste in hockey? Again...I digress. Ed Snider was done being humiliated after that lifeless effort against the Bruins, and anyone that didn't see huge changes coming was as stupid as Chara is ugly. So, were Carter and Richards traded for the partying? I think Carter was traded because of the partying, and that Richards was traded because the "team" no longer wanted him as Captain. Just my opinion on that. Personally, I don't care what ANY of the players do off the ice, unless it affects what happens ON the ice. Did it? My guess is yes, from experience. I had a boss who was a boozehound. (He still is a boozehound, just thankfully no longer my boss.) He could never be bothered to show up on time, ever. So, while I was his second in command, I spent the first half hour of my day fielding questions about where he was, and when he would be in. And when he finally DID show up, I spent most of my day fixing his hang over induced fuck ups. Except for the one day, that he fucking FORGOT to come to work. Until about 11 AM, when he finally checked his phone and saw my 8 fucking million calls, and realized that there are not any weeks that have two Sundays. So let us make my boss, say Jeff Carter. Imagine the team mates that have to cover for his stupid, hung over bleach blonde ass, be it in practice or in a game...I am thinking he was as popular with the older players as my dumb fuck of a boss was with me. While I don't fancy myself quite as mean as Chris Pronger, I can only imagine how Prongs dealt with the frat boy mentality..and I laugh my ass off every time I picture him screaming in old High and Wide's ear at an early morning practice...."HOW'S IT GOING JEFF??? UP LATE LAST NIGHT??" Yes, I am easily amused...but back to my point, so I can finish this and go play with my new phone...I don't care if Jeff Carter lived on Dry Island, or Wet Island, or Free basing cocaine and snorting it out of the crack of Mike Richard's Ass Island....the only one I care about is MISSING THE WIDE OPEN, GAPING FUCKING NET IN GAME 6 OF THE STANLEY CUP FINALS ISLAND.

Do I think the partying had something to do with he and Richie running out of gas in the finals? Damn right I do. If they could do all the partying, and win the Stanley Cup, hey, next rounds on me, party on, boys.  But good old H&W shit the bed...and it turn's out that maybe he should have stopped by Dry Island once in a while. Yes, I think it was true...I just don't think it was news.

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