Monday, July 13, 2015

Seriously? He was SICK you morons.

I haven't blogged in a while....not that I haven't had plenty of fodder, but I have lost touch with my writing for a lot of reasons. So, what brings me back to the electronic pen and paper? Kenny Chesney, kids...Kenny Chesney. My husband and I attended his show at Linclon Financial Field on July 11th. From the moment his sexy tractor hit the stage, it was clear that he was sick. He was coughing, and you could just see he was not feeling well, it was written on his face. Even with that thousand watt smile, you could see that he was battling a nasty summer cold. Still, he put on a show that far exceeded many of the country shows I have seen recently. He ran up and down the stage with the energy of a man half his fourty-six years, and was in fine voice for most of the evening. Did he shorten his set from the expected 24 songs to 19 songs? Yes. Did I care? Hell no. I ADORE Kenny Chesney. If you have any doubt, please take a look at my FB page, or read the first post on this blog. Rule#2 is: THOU SHALT NOT BLASPHEME THE CHESNEY (Rule#1 addresses blasphemy of my beloved Flyers). So, why am I pissed? Because many of Kenny's so-called fans are bashing him for his shortened set, and that he was struggling with his voice about an hour into his set.

Seriously, you fucking in bred morons? HE WAS SICK. And, despite my worhip, he is not a God...he is, indeed, human. A forty-six year old human. Granted he has a six pack that men half his age can only dream of having, and guns that would make a NRA member proud, but he is human. He gets sick. Many of his "fans" said he should have cancelled, and re-scheduled. Yeah, my response to them is BITE ME ASSHOLES. If all you wanted was a perfect show, go see Florida-Georgia Line, who perform using "canned" tracks to back up their live vocals. Or Taylor Swift, who does the same thing. As for me, I would ratther have Kenny Chesney, ALL live, at less than 100%, than any of those fake posers.

And Kenny, honey? If this by chance gets to you, I think you need some TLC and some comfort food. And I make a mean red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, and spoil my man like you just wouldn't believe.