Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Me too, Mike.

Giving Richie time
Kings coach Terry Murray said he had a brief chat with Mike Richards last June the day he was traded there from the Flyers.

And then didn’t call him again for more than month. Reasoning? Murray felt it would take that long for Richards to get over the shock of having been traded.

“There are expectations for every season, but this year I think I'm more excited to get started and get on the ice and focus on playing hockey,” Richards said. “I'm more excited to start the season than I have been in past years.

“I've moved on. I'm excited to get started here in L.A. I don't think much of it anymore.”
(The above quote was borrowed from Comcast Sports Net Philly, News and Notes)

Seriously? Thanks a shit load, Richards. You are more excited THIS year??  More excited than last year, after spending a summer thinking about LOSING the Stanley Cup, in OUR HOUSE, in front of Philadelphia fans?? You would think that you and your drinking buddy Jeff Carter would have been chomping at the bit to start last season, to bring Lord Stanley's cherished Cup home to Philadelphia, to the fans who defended you, who lashed out at the media that hounded you. Excited to prove to the fans and media of Philadelphia that you COULD win the big prize...but you weren't excited, and it showed. The winning came easy at the beginning of the season, and you took your foot off the gas. The end of the regular season was the proof of your disinterest. Say what you will, Mike, but you were the CAPTAIN of that team. The team that took a dangerous slide at the end of the season. The team that BARELY beat the Sabres. The team that got the shit beat out of them by the Bruins. They were YOUR team. WE were YOUR fans. But you weren't excited, and it showed, in your attitude towards the media, in your play, in your commitment to the game.  So, you are more excited about the beginning of this, season? Yeah, so am I, Mike, so am I. 

 Carter who?????
Simmonds knocked Clarkson on his ass, then picked him up, as if to say "I am not done beating your ass yet, so get UP." I know that the trades of Richards and Carter are still a sore topic for some, but Mike Richards wasn't excited about being in Philadelphia anymore, and it showed. So, please, for the love of God people, and by people, I mean you Mike Emerick, and everyone else who can not speak of the Flyers WITHOUT bringing up "The Trades", let it go. Embrace Wayne Simmonds...he is obviously THRILLED to wear the Orange and Black...and he looks damn fine in a Flyers jersey.