Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Best Cappy Ever???

Seriously? "Richie was the best cappy ever". Umm. OK. On the Flyers. One of the most storied franchises in the NHL. Captains have included: Dave Poulin. Ed van Impe. Rick Tocchet. Eric Desjardins. Bill Brber. Eric Lindros. Mel Bridgeman. And yeah, this guy named Bobby, what was it..oh yeah. Bobby fucking Clarke. Look you over-sexed, under educated puck bunnies...Mike Richards, while a good player, was not, I repeat NOT the best captain the Flyers have ever had. And the fact that you say "cappy" not only makes me want to smack the ever loving shit out if you, it only proves that you don't know shit about shit, and that you aren't a true Flyers fan. Case in point...I loved Rick Tocchet. And I do mean fucking WORSHIPED him. Posters, jerseys, you name it. When he got traded, I was crushed. For about five seconds..and then he was dead to me. He was a Penguin, I was a Flyers fan...sorry. Oh, and yes, I am a huge Danny Briere fan. I hope he is the next to wear the "C" in orange and black. And if he gets traded, ever? I wish him well, and move on. For the last time....IT IS ABOUT THE CREST ON THE FRONT. Idiots.It is morons like you that have made it hard for female fans like me to be taken seriously.

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