Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey Sean, would you like to be the pot or the kettle?

Just a warning here, folks, I am pretty fucking cranky today, having been forced to listen to 10 minutes of Christian talk radio while calling a Bible Belt customer. Umm, what the fuck is Sean Avery's problem??? After years of being a complete fucking douche bag, now he is Mr. Manners?


This moron is such a douche, that a new rule was NAMED after him. The Avery Rule was enacted after this little stunt:
Did Simmonds call him a faggot? The evidence on that one is pretty clear. You be the judge, courtesy of this video, via Puck Daddy.


Yep, that would be "faggot" coming out of Wayne Simmonds mouth. He also, either right before this, or right after, clearly called him a "pussy". That little blurb was actually HEARD during Comcast's coverage of the game, and I was laughing my ass off...no one on this team has really challenged that douche bag Avery, and I am totally in love with Simmonds (sorry Danny, you may be replaced!) for finally giving that fucktard Avery a taste of his own medicine. Aww, I am sorry Sean, did our new guy hurt your wittle feelings? Yeah, I don't give a rat's ass...not only are you a douche, on your own merit, but you are a Ranger. The same team that had fans making signs that said "Hextall, Go Buy A Porsche" after the death of Pelle Lindbergh. And no, motherfuckers, I will NEVER, EVER forgive that one. I could live eternally, and the Flyers could beat the Rangers for the Stanley Cup EVERY FUCKING YEAR, and I still won't get over that one. But, as usual, I digress. I hate Sean Avery, AND the Rangers, and I APPLAUD Wayne Simmonds. If the NHL fines him, I will start a fund to pay that fine. Do I like that word, or what it represents. No. Would I beat Simmond's ass if he were my son? Yes. For me, it's not about what Simmonds called Avery, it is about Avery, and what he represents. So, Sean....you have spent a career hurling all sorts of slurs at your fellow players...and if you think for a moment that I believe you didn't throw a racial slur at Wayne Simmonds during that little bru-hah-hah, you are dumber than you look...so, the true question here, is...do you want to be the pot or the kettle, Mr. Avery...because they are both black.

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